wardrobe consultant



Head to Toe

For the discriminating client who wants the entire wardrobe makeover, this service includes a 2-3 hour wardrobe review at your home and two/half day personal shopping days.


Wardrobe Review

Before slipping into the dressing room, an intensive wardrobe “weed out” is a must! Everyone wears only 25% of what’s hanging in their closet. And with space at a premium, let’s make room. This service is usually a 2-3 hour process where the client is interviewed first to ascertain her/his lifestyle wardrobe needs and then the entire contents of your closet are examined including belts, handbags and shoes. During this meeting we will also talk about restyling your existing clothing by creating fresh new ensembles. A “wardrobe needs” list is furnished for the client to use as his/her bible for future shopping trips.


Personal Shopping

The ultimate in pampering, a rack of clothing will already be pulled and waiting for you to try on in a comfortable dressing room. Even the most discriminating clients feel success right off the bat because the “wardrobe needs” items were culled ahead of time. Color, fit, size, silhouette, personal style and lifestyle are all taken into consideration for your special day. This shopping experience lasts a half day, morning or afternoon, whatever your preference.


Other Services

You need the perfect outfit for a particular special occasion? No problem. You’ll be pleased and extremely confident in the appropriate attire chosen for you on this particular day.

        Wedding, Milestone Birthday, Reunion, Bar/Bat Mitzvah
        Holiday Party, Awards Ceremony, Cocktail Party, Charity Luncheon.

Bon Voyage

You can only take one suitcase? Sure. Finally the hassle of packing for a trip given to a pro. Learn how to choose the best clothing and accessories to maximize your outfit assortments and effectively pack for any trip.



Once a client of Linleigh’s, you’re just a text away from asking for any wardrobe advise. It’s like having your own personal wardrobe consultant right in your back pocket!