wardrobe consultant




“As a chief executive officer, I need to look good in order to be successful in business.  Linleigh Richker is a treasure in that she can work with me in my busy schedule in order to make my wardrobe look first class in the latest style while always being economical.”

Larry Gross

President & CEO Edeniq, Inc.

Biofuel Technology Company

Managing Partner of Structural Capital



“I have worked with Linleigh for nearly 10 years and she is a pleasure.  She has consistently exquisite taste, and is willing to shop at various price points so you never feel pressured to overspend.  As a working mom with a very demanding job, I have little time to browse stores on a regular basis for clothes, especially work-related outfits.  Linleigh makes clothes-shopping effortless.”

Amy B.

Film Producer (LAST VEGAS),

President & Owner, Gidden Media



"Linleigh has been instrumental in keeping me well put together, since putting together a stylish wardrobe isn't one of my talents.


Being really busy, I can tell Linleigh ahead of time what I need to shop for. By the time I meet her and an agreed upon store, she has a whole dressing room full of clothes that she knows will fit my personality, height, and body type. She always takes me to a variety of places and helps me be to take many more risks with colors and designers I wouldn't normally  gravitate to. It's nice having someone with incredible taste and sense of style tell you honestly what really works and what doesn't. I have found that I no longer make clothing purchases that were a mistake once I get them home.


She helps me differentiate my wardrobe to fit my days as a school principal, and nights as a television agent's wife attending various industry events."


Maryanna Noveck

School Administrator



"Linleigh has a great eye and a keen ability to understand the needs of a busy executive “mom-in-chief”. Linleigh has been an invaluable resource not only because I have neither the time nor inclination to focus on my wardrobe, but because I was in dire need of a 360 degree update after 3 children and 20 years in the workplace. My wardrobe needs encompass school drop-offs, CEO video conferences and client dinners, all in one day. Linleigh has helped me establish an updated look, appropriate for my age and position, and it's great! She “gets it” and her own style is fabulous. We accomplish a lot, and have lots of fun doing it."


President, Baker Media Inc.,

former President NBCUNIVERSAL Content Distribution



"Between juggling time as a mother, psychiatrist and author it is often impossible to find the time to shop. Linleigh has helped me feel confident that I can always have the look I need. When I am fortunate, we get to run around together and she will pre shop to save time. In a time crisis, she will select something and send it so I never have to worry."

Dr. Eva Ritvo

Co-Author of The Beauty Prescription